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  • Contribute $5 once a month. You can cancel any time of course.
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  • Contribute $60 once a year. You can cancel any time of course.

How you can make a difference

  Our ability to bring Joy to the world depends completely on how many Joy Keepers contribute, personally and energetically. In other words, for us to have any influence we need to grow greatly!

Growth comes through investment, including in the form of money. And because we are a non-profit organization, we ask for your financial contribution.

It will enable us to not only cover any expenses, but also advertise the Joy Keepers Network and our activities so that we can grow our membership, visibility and influence more efficiently. Any amount helps!

All funds issued towards Joy Keepers Network (such as donations, member fees, course fees etc.) are used entirely to cover our direct expenses (hosting and advertising). 

You can also support us with your time and skills

Become a Joy Angel (see benefits above) by helping us with marketing,
website development, growth, partnerships, fundraising and more

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