Begin 2022 With Joy!


Write a Letter to Joy

  • Commune with your Joy
  • Open to new joyful inspiration
  • Meet others want more Joy in the world

Have you ever experienced this?

There is someone you want to communicate something to, and for some reason you cannot do it directly. So you write them a letter. Because it's a letter you write it exactly like it is, honestly, without holding back.

And then you realize that writing it made a big difference. It happens even before you send the letter (if you do at all).

Turns out, the same can happen when you write a letter to Joy! Whether Joy is already a big part of your life, or not so much, writing to Joy can connect you with it deeper and eventually lead you to feeling more Joy every day, regardless of your circumstances.  


We're going to make it nice and simple 😊
The Joy Keepers Network leadership team
will be there to hold the space for you and your Joy.
Plus, you will find multiple free resources for joyful living