Let's start the New Year and the New Decade with 7 DAYS OF JOY!  


Experience JOY ~ Share It With Our Beautifully Diverse World. Our world needs more Joy now! This is not a challenge 😊You're going to love and enJOY it!

Andrea Pennington Global visionary, integrative physician, author, TEDx speaker, meditation teacher, founder of the Real Self Love Movement  

Paul Luftenegger Musical Alchemist, creator of conscious music to inspire global love and kindness, multi award winning international singer  

Steinar Ditlefsen Transformational speaker and teacher, founder of IGNITE and European Transformational Teacher's Gathering (ETTG)  

An uplifting JOY experience 

Come join us for 30 joyful minutes on January 1-7 6 PM Paris - 5 PM London - 12 PM noon New York Attend each joyful meditation ~ inspiration live or via replay  

Let's share the lightness of Joy with each other and with our beautiful and diverse world!  


You don't have to be particularly joyful to participate. Halina and her special guests will guide you there. We've got you! Plus, you will get access to free resources for joyful living.