Joy Keepers Network

The Joy Keepers Network

Spiritual seekers and leaders, teachers and coaches, heart-centered entrepreneurs and visionaries, soul activists, healers and meditators ... 

Bringing more JOY to Our World  

The Joy Keepers Network is here to offer a variety of ways to bring more Joy to the world - and they're all optional of course:

  • MUTUAL SUPPORT (Joy Support Groups) 
  • EXPANDING PERSPECTIVES through Joy resources
  • CONNECTING and COLLABORATING for global change 
  • BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS (aka Joy Ventures)
  • INSPIRING GROWTH AND ACTION internally and externally in all the ways that evolve as we meet and interact 

About Joy Keepers

The Joy Keepers Network is a global forum for spiritual leaders, teachers, coaches, healers, practitioners and meditators.  

We are here to support peaceful transformations and creative solutions to the current political, social and environmental challenges. We know that in order to meet the massive challenges faced by humanity and our planet we must join our joyful forces!  

We are all different, we have different experiences, focus, expertise, perspectives and reach. How exactly we best can and wish to collaborate may depend on our background and preferences. And, we recognize JOY as one of the most fundamental and powerful states and energies available to every human being (along with Love, Wisdom, Peace and Creativity) and connecting us all as One.  

The Joy Keepers Network is here to offer network-wide ways to contribute, grow and benefit for all members (aka Joy Lovers) as well as more specialized ways designed for those of us who through our work and business already are leading others towards greater balance and health, higher awareness and deeper joy (Joy Leaders).

We are a non-profit organization. All funds issued towards Joy Keepers Network (such as donations, member fees, course fees etc.) are used entirely to cover our direct expenses (hosting and advertising). 

We are deeply grateful for the support of our Joy Angels: