Joy Keepers Network vision – for now

This is such an exciting time here at the Joy Keepers Network. We are moving from it being created and led by one person (Halina), to it being developed and led by our Leadership Team.

To create a place for us to start the joint joy journey here’s a short description of where we are today and what we will build on:

The name

The name/concept of Joy Keepers is inspired by Eckhart Tolle’s Frequency Keepers/Holders (without there being any other association to his work or organization by the way). This is how it’s paraphrased on our home page:

“Joy Keepers purpose is to let Joy flow into whatever they do. Whatever you do, whatever you’re working with, whether it’s manual work or talking to people or buying or selling, every little thing encompasses the power and simplicity of presence and Joy. Joy Keepers’ state of consciousness spreads not only to everybody they come into contact with, but also on an unseen level it changes the collective consciousness.” 

Elements of the vision and work

  • To connect Joy Keepers all over the world
  • To support members in connecting with the inner source of joy so that they can access it regardless of external circumstances
  • To support members in bringing the energy of joy into every area of their lives: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, work, relationships, money, local and online activities etc.
  • To develop and support joyful leadership in the world
    • Help members become joy leaders, i.e. step into the role of a joy centered leader in their own work / activities
    • To collaborate with other organizations engaged in global transformation and inspire them to bring joy into their work. 

Our highest priorities at the moment

  • To grow so that we can reach and support more people
  • To provide educational resources helping members
    • Connect with joy
    • Bring joy into every area of their life
    • Grow as joy leaders 

Our expression 

  • We aim for  freedom and diversity in our expression and interaction
  • We make Joy Keepers Network a place where people can see themselves belonging and growing, starting where they are

Our channels of communication


Where to find our joy

Do you believe that nature brings you joy? I’m asking because it certainly feels like it does. But it’s not quite true.

It is really important (and I’ll explain why in a second) to understand that nature is not the source of our joy. We are. Our joy lives within us.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are few things in life that I cherish as much as nature. Spending time in nature every day is a high priority for me. And still, as much as it inspires and enriches and nourishes me, I know that nature is not the ultimate source of my joy.

So how come it feels like it is?

I think it’s because when we’re in nature we get in touch with our own nature. We relax and connect with ourselves, more. And when we do, our inner joy begins to flow more as well.

Even if it can be easier to find our joy when we’re in nature, the source of our joy is within us, not out there. And we can find it no matter where we are.

Knowing it can make a huge difference in our lives!

Because we all encounter hard times along the way, and especially now. Our world encounters one of its greatest crisis ever.

What if we could move through all this with a sense of joy, hope and peace?

We can! Yes, it takes inner work and practice and yes, it is absolutely possible.

But for as long as we believe that we can only find joy when we’re in nature, or when we’re with our loved ones, or when we’re having a good time, we are denying ourselves the gift of joy when we need it the most, when we can’t be around nature or the people we love. Unfortunately, this is the reality for thousands if not millions of people in this very moment.

Changing that reality starts with ourselves. So let’s practice joy, so that we can find it when we need it. And then help more people find it as well, when they need it. Because everyone does.

Find out how to find more of your joy here

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Legacy – the secret to joyful work?

Legacy seems like such a heavy concept. And yet, it could be one of the keys to truly working with joy:

Here’s how you can apply this as a way of aligning your work, time and energy with your dharma. And then feel the joy of it!

Contemplate your legacy

This first part is a contemplation. Even if it took just a moment for me, it might take much longer for you, because you’re in a different process or have different needs and ways. So, take whatever time it you need and

Acknowledge that you matter. Acknowledge that your gifts to the world matter. Acknowledge that you don’t have forever to give them. And then ask yourself:

What is my legacy? What am I to leave behind when my work is done?

Align your priorities around your legacy work

Even if you have several projects, in the light of legacy most if not all of them may connect to it. Create your priorities around it, giving most time, focus and energy to your legacy project and aligning and prioritizing other projects/activities around it.

Do your work with joy!

It will probably come naturally, but still: remember that the key to joyful work is in being fully present in the moment. It is about being while doing.

Share your experiences and questions here or in the Joy Keepers Group!

And of course, if you haven’t yet, be part of the joyful work and join the Joy Keepers Network here

Legacy joy

Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay