Make yourself available for love – it’s the most joyful thing

Conversation with Eva Andrea, spiritual author and mentor

Eva Andrea is an amazing author who in her books shares her spiritual experiences, transformations and discoveries. She also coaches other authors, helping them bring their books to life and to the world.
She is a speaker and a teacher, leading Soul journeys, Magical Writing Retreats, Initiation of Woman Circle Leaders, and more.
Eva Andrea is here to remind us how connected we are – with our Source and with each other. She does it through her work and also by really being and beaming love and joy.

Eva has graciously offered us her “Meet your Divine Muse” meditation for free! Request your gift here.

Eva’s help for the dark night

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Without love there is no joy

Conversation with Parul Banka, Story Coach

Parul Banka is a story coach based in London, UK.
She helps fellow coaches be seen and heard through their stories. They do this through finding, owning and sharing their story safely, and with clarity, so they can connect with their audience soulfully, and create the impact and income they deserve.
She is also an author and a speaker. Her book “My Cancer Journey: A rendezvous with myself” has inspired thousands of people all over the world.
Parul believes that we can change the world through our story.
Also, listening to people’s stories brings her joy.

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Don’t apologize for your joy

Conversation with Caroline Hoek, Unashamed and Free

Caroline Hoek has found joy through the years. Coming from a troubled background she is living the example of resilience and how to live a joyful life. She is a spiritual mentor, transpersonal psychotherapist, and writer. She is inviting you to living unashamed and free, where humor, having an eye for (inner) beauty and perseverance are ingredients to open your connection to joy.

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