Don’t apologize for your joy

Conversation with Caroline Hoek, Unashamed and Free

Caroline Hoek has found joy through the years. Coming from a troubled background she is living the example of resilience and how to live a joyful life. She is a spiritual mentor, transpersonal psychotherapist, and writer. She is inviting you to living unashamed and free, where humor, having an eye for (inner) beauty and perseverance are ingredients to open your connection to joy.

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Explore what joy means to you

Conversation with Mary Clista Dahl, Capture Life Writing

Mary Clista Dahl is an author, writing mentor, humorist, naturalist, joy keeper and emotional and mental wellness advocate, Mary  reaps her joy from the power of words, love, nature and human and spiritual connections and promotes the sustainability of peace, relationships and the planet.  Through her organization, Capture Life Writing, it is her mission to eradicate the cultural consensus of mental illness by showing others that they are not the least bit disordered.

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We can feel joy even in the midst of challenge

Conversation with Diane McLean, Evolutionary Leadership

Diane McLean is a transformational leadership coach and facilitator, a holistic healer and health coach, and a sustainability architect.  Diane has recently woven together her experience and passions into her current leadership offerings centered around “Evolutionary Leadership” and the raising of conscious awareness to help lead us to create a more sustainable future.

Diane also has a strong spiritual background, and it is through her meditation and energy healing practices that she has come to explore the energies of love and joy at deep and expanding levels.

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