Let’s Get Started, Joy Angels!

Halina Goldstein Founder

Welcome here, Joy Angels! (Not a Joy Angel yet? Join us here!)

Imagine a world with joyful groups and individuals everywhere, all bringing more light and balance to their immediate environment.

That is a very big vision and there is no way any of us can manifest it alone… but we can do it together! Here’s how:

Share your gifts and your work with the Joy Keepers Network

Let’s make the Joy Keepers World a place where people can find what they need to grow and shine their joy.

Please share any of your resources, inspiration, events, products and services. Of course, you want them to be in alignment with the spirit of the Joy Keepers Network and helpful in expanding joy in any area of life/work.

You can share these here (I’ll show you how exactly in a moment) as well as in our Facebook Group

Still, none of it will be of much value unless we make these resources visible to as many people in the world as possible. So we also need you to…

Share the Joy Keepers Network with your world

At this time, the Joy Keepers Network has a very small reach. Through mutual help, we – including you! – will be able to reach thousands of people and eventually make a significant difference through our events, offers and work.

What would be a monumental work for any of us, is very doable when each of us contributes in the following ways:

  • Spread the word about the Joy Keepers Network as much  as possible.

For this purpose, feel free to use any Joy Keepers images from our Media Library with the Joy Keepers name and/or logo and link to either our homepage, the blog area or any post within the latter.

  • Share any Joy Keepers Network  resources that are relevant for your audience (including articles and events)
  • Participate actively in the Joy Ventures group, where we can collaborate for mutual growth and joy. (You will receive the link to the group along with your login to this site).

How to submit your resources to the Joy Keepers World

As a Joy Angel, you will receive your special links and login information within 24 hours.  Once you’ve got them, here’s how to share your information, resources, events and services in the Joy Keepers World:

Just in case you haven’t yet, be sure to also review our Terms and Condition

What else can we do?

If you have any other ideas do let me know! The same goes for questions of course. Contact me here