How can the Joy Keepers Network help our world?

“To spread light where there is only light, or pretend that there is only light because the darkness is too hard to handle, might be a step on the path of one’s personal development; but it is not the spiritual journey.

There is no serious spiritual or religious path that gives any of us a pass on addressing the suffering of other sentient beings. There’s nothing “positive” about not addressing a problem simply because it’s not happening in your neighborhood.

Our task is to look at the darkness but then see through it and beyond it, thus invoking the endless possibilities for miracles that exist within God’s universe. We are not here to ignore the illusion, but to transform it. The miracle worker does not deny a problem, but merely denies its power over us. Spiritual seekers should not be children standing on the sidelines; we should be the biggest grownups in the room.”  ~  Marianne Williamson

These words hit right where my thoughts are going each morning these days.

Because, it is in the morning that I check the news headlines. And recently they have become so disturbing, that I have to ask myself: “What can I do about all this”? Because… Well, Marianne Williamson says it perfectly above.

When I contemplate it what I get is that the Joy Keepers Network has an important role to play during these difficult times. For real and for several reasons.

One of these reasons is that for us to be able to cope with such huge challenges we need to be in touch with the Joy energy. For us to continue the positive work that is needed in the world Joy is essential. For us to continue replenishing and re-balancing our energies, from every cell in our bodies to every cell in the living organism that we call our Earth, Joy is essential.

Also, Joy brings us closer to Oneness. And it takes a global Oneness awareness to create the changes that are urgent and absolutely necessary for life on Earth to survive.

It comes down to a few simple facts (now even scientifically proven, should we need that reassurance):

  • People who believe in Oneness are more kind towards other living beings
  • People who believe in Oneness are more compassionate
  • People who believe in Oneness have greater capacity for collaboration and for creating the solutions that the world needs now.

Yes, we as Joy Keepers have a role to play, along with the 2+ millions of others conscious networks along the globe.

But what will it take for us to actually make a difference? That’s the next, very challenging question that I’m asking myself these days. And in that context it is very helpful for me – and hopefully meaningful for you too – to get a little bit of a perspective:

The perspective is that, even if it was born out of my life-long spiritual and personal exploration, the calling to create  the Joy Keepers Network as such came to me very recently – in the Spring of 2017.  I acted on it the best I could and so by the end of 2017 there were some 50+ official Joy Keepers here. Now, 1 year later, our numbers have tripled to 150+!

How grateful I am for each and everyone of you, for your presence, for you reading these words and for your participation in our Global Joy Meditations and webinars. And how I appreciate the support from our Joy Angels. Thank you!

I am also very much aware that this is just a tiny beginning. For us to actually make a difference globally, we need to grow by leaps and bounds, sooner rather than later.

How can that happen?

I have some ideas. But we need your help for these ideas to come into fruition. So I’m listing them below, and I invite you to ponder each of them and see how you can help. Please know that any help is welcome and appreciated, no matter how big or small!

  • Help me connect with other joyful leaders (or just relevant transformational leaders) out there, so that we can collaborate. Let me know who you think I should connect with.
  • Support Joy Keepers Network financially. It will enable us to cover our expenses as well as advertise and with that gain more visibility and more members. Also, if you can connect me with people/organizations that have the capacity to support us financially that would be wonderful!
  • Help me build Joy Resources for Joy Keepers. The Finding Joy Ebook is one such resource and there are also my webinars. In the future I would like the Joy Keepers Network to offer a variety of resources from different teachers/leaders/mentors. If you have resources that you would include in our official library (which I will be creating) then reach out to me.
  • Let me know what you would like to happen within the Joy Keepers Network. What are your needs? Would you like more regular Joy meditations? Any other activities? Specific resources?

You can contact me here anytime, and I’ll typically respond within 24 hours.

Thank you from all my joyful heart to yours!

With love

PS: Not a member yet? Join the Joy Keepers Network here. It’s free.

Bringing Joy to money and politics?

Lynne Twist, co-founder of the PachaMama Alliance said something during the holidays that made a deep impression on me…

“The next decade is maybe the most important decade in the history of the world. 2020-2030 is where we absolutely got to turn around the global warming crisis, where we absolutely have to address the breakdown in governments and social justice. How are we going to end 2019 in a way that we move into 2020 with integrity and heart?”

Michael Beckwith, founder of Agape says: “We feel Joy when we are in integrity with our soul.”  I resonate completely with that experience, and I believe that at this time of our personal and global transformation, bringing soul Joy into ALL areas of our life is key.

And, it presents us with some unpleasant challenges…

Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love”and presidential candidate said recently something along these lines: We as light-workers, as people on a spiritual path, have already created great changes in the world. In fact, whatever area we as a group chose to engage in, is changing as a result!

Take health, take relationships, take business, take environment… Even if there’s way to go still, so much progress has happened, there is so much more awareness, including in the main stream culture.

What Marianne Williamson then said was that there are some areas of life that have been so corrupted, so permeated by greed, power-games and disconnection from God that our natural reaction as spiritual beings was to turn our back on it all, to avoid it completely. And as a result there are areas of life where, globally speaking, little change has happened.

To give you a couple of examples,  politics is one such area. We prefer to avoid watching news. Finances is another such area. We avoid engaging much with money. We don’t find much joy there and for good reasons! However…

There is now a need (and I see more and more spiritual leaders and teachers around the world express this)…There is a need for us to engage in all of it. In other words, the time has come to bring light, love and joy to all of it, not just some of it.

Of course, we will all do it differently, it’s a personal choice.

Personally, I can’t really see myself engage in politics. But maybe it will change at some point? Perhaps there comes a time where the Joy Keepers Network begins to interact with politicians? Who knows… But when it comes to creating a joyful relationship with money, that’s something that I actually have been interested in for a long time and feel called to.

How do you feel about all this?

7 Days of Joy ~ the 2020 Joy Upgrade

I believe it’s time for a Joy Upgrade! Here’s why…

And here’s how!

Thank you for watching and please, share the joy by inviting your friends and followers to ! 🙏😊💗

Let’s build a beautiful Joy field together!

Please know, whether you come because you miss joy in your life or have much joy to share or anything in between… You and everyone is welcome and joyfully appreciated!

Also, even if it’s 7 days it’s not all day 😀 – it’s just 30 sweet minutes. It’s absolutely best if you participate life but if for some reason you’re not able, there will be a replay.

Be sure to register, so that we can send you:

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How do we create new ways for joy?

I had a couple of beautiful experiences this week that reminded me of something very important, when it comes to spreading the awareness of joy in the world.

The first one happened in a dream! I dreamed about a doctor who taught yoga to Palestinian women here in Denmark. She and they were so full of joy! And it made me ponder:

How do we share the joy and the wisdom that our world needs beyond our own circles?

How do we reach those who perhaps wouldn’t respond to our inspirational words but are in need of the message behind the words?

These are important questions and a huge part of the Joy Keepers Network vision. If you have any answers, experiences, ideas please share them in a comment below!

It can be really simple sometimes, like the other day, on a bus. I was reading a (serious) book, and really not paying attention to my surroundings… Until someone accidentally pushed me from behind. My gut reaction: mild irritation. But then…

The person behind me came in front of me, and he had the sweetest and biggest smile ever as he apologizes (without being apologetic). Within a blink of an eye his smile resonated in me and I was finding myself so full of joy! And secretly laughing at myself having been in such a head space while reading…

It was as if the entire bus lightened up! And then this middle aged man (who based on his looks might be classified as mentally slow) hopped off the bus, still smiling and happily waving to the driver (us mentally fast people rarely do that…).

The world is full of natural Joy Keepers! And when we forget to be one, no worries, someone else will be there to remind us!

Meanwhile, the Joy Keepers Network is here to welcome, remind you and show you ever new and more expansive ways of experiencing and sharing your true joy!

Legacy – the secret to joyful work?

Legacy seems like such a heavy concept. And yet, it could be one of the keys to truly working with joy:

Here’s how you can apply this as a way of aligning your work, time and energy with your dharma. And then feel the joy of it!

Contemplate your legacy

This first part is a contemplation. Even if it took just a moment for me, it might take much longer for you, because you’re in a different process or have different needs and ways. So, take whatever time it you need and

Acknowledge that you matter. Acknowledge that your gifts to the world matter. Acknowledge that you don’t have forever to give them. And then ask yourself:

What is my legacy? What am I to leave behind when my work is done?

Align your priorities around your legacy work

Even if you have several projects, in the light of legacy most if not all of them may connect to it. Create your priorities around it, giving most time, focus and energy to your legacy project and aligning and prioritizing other projects/activities around it.

Do your work with joy!

It will probably come naturally, but still: remember that the key to joyful work is in being fully present in the moment. It is about being while doing.

Share your experiences and questions here or in the Joy Keepers Group!

And of course, if you haven’t yet, be part of the joyful work and join the Joy Keepers Network here

Legacy joy

Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay

I believe in a world of joy

I was recently participating in a gathering where we were invited to express what we believe in, in just a few words. I was curious about what would happen if I  said “I believe” and then just let the words flow freely and so I did. Although I cannot recreate that moment now, I know I said something along these lines…

I believe we are born into a field of love and joy. And I know that this love and joy is still within us.

I know that as we open to joy and allow it to flow in our  bodies, in our feelings, in our thoughts and in our hearts, we begin to shine. And as we shine we lit up other people as well, and they too begin to shine their joy.

And this is what’s going to happen! We are going to reconnect with joy as our true nature, and we’re going to reach each other this way. We’re going to see a new balance in the world.

I believe that. And I also know that joy is not in the future. It is right here and right now, ready to join us in a smile!

What do you believe?

– – –

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay



From pain to joy – two Joy Keepers meet

I met Deb Svanefelt a little while ago. What I knew about her was that for many years she has been helping people with some of the most difficult cases of trauma and stress. Not what you’d call a joyful profession… And yet she is most definitely a Joy Keeper. How come? Watch below!

Here are some of the questions we pondered:

  • What is the difference between joy and happiness and why does it matter?
  • How come children are so joyful – and adults not so much?
  • What are the 3 main paths to joy?
  • Why do we need to meet our pain and shadows before we can live our joy?
  • What is a natural Joy Keeper?
  • What is the relationship between Love and Joy?
  • How can being an ambassador of Joy help our world?

And finally a question for you:
What in this conversation touched your heart the most?

Here are the resources mentioned in the interview:

Download the Finding Joy Every Day ebook here

Join the Joy Keepers Network here