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Spiritual leadership and Joy during the corona crisis

As the Corona crisis escalates daily, we are called to step into spiritual leadership and Joy. Here’s how…

An overview of the spiritual leadership video

  • While things are accelerating in the world, there is an opportunity to observe and learn… How do you react? How do people around you react?
  • Fear in itself is not dangerous. Rather, it is an invitation
  • The SEE approach is a simple and powerful way to address fear (and just about anything else that seems to cause discomfort).  Learn how to apply the SEE approach here (free March 13-20, 2020)
  • How can we act and not just react?
  • This is not the end of the Earth, this is a wave and it will pass
  • Keep the focus: what does really sustain you?
  • Why we are called to step into spiritual leadership, and to stay in Joy

Transcript of the video

What a special time this is, the time of the corona virus. Things are accelerating and every day brings new news and perhaps new approaches, for all of us. And I see how we are called to step into spiritual leadership during these times. Leaders for ourselves, and leaders for others. Because we can, because we have the potential and because our presence really matters, your presence really matters.

So how do we do that, how do we act and react?

This is something that I always found interesting, since I was a little girl. I was born into a family of holocaust survivals so I knew about it since very young age. And from there and all my life I was always wondering – how would I react in this situation? And when other things happen – because things do happens in our world – how do I react, what do I do, how do others react?

I see myself observing this current situation in a similar way. I see myself noticing how I react, how others react, what do we do , what we don’t do…

And every day is really different. So for example yesterday it was stormy outside, almost symbolically, a really harsh wind, and the experience I was having with the wind and also with the news I was seeing, the more it accelerated, the more peaceful I became. More and more peace, more and more peaceful joyfulness, in a beautiful grounded way. And I didn’t try to make it happen, it just did, it happened for me, and I was glad it id.

What that day inspired is here…

“It’s stormy weather today. Even with my windows closed, I can hear the wild intensity of the wind. So what do I do? I stay home.
Or, if I’ll have to go out, I hope I will do what trees do:
Bow with the blow, yet stand firmly grounded. Connected with joy, grounded in the love and the truth that lives within me and as me.
And if I meet someone that needs my help I hope I will be of help.
And if I fall or break (like trees do on rare occasions) then I will let it happen (what else is there to do) and see what gifts life brings with that. Because, it always does.
And if I need help there will be help for me too. There always is.
Meanwhile, the storm unfolds outside my windows. And then it pauses. And then it rests. And then…”

And then…

And then I went to bed and this morning just as I woke up there was wave of fear. It wasn’t much, it was just a touch of it, but it was there and it was Okay. Fear isn’t dangerous. So I treated it as a friend as I always do, or intend to, and applied something that ‘s called the SEE approach which is a very powerful tool that I usually only give to my clients and groups… but this week I’m giving it for free because it’s so simple and powerful and such a good way to meet fear and whatever else is coming our way.

So, I did that, it took maybe half a minute and then I continued with my morning practices and I though this will be another day where I will fall into this peaceful joyfulness… But no, today I was pushed to walk, to go out and walk and almost run and really use my body, and the message was: “You have to circulate, you have to circulate your energy so that you can feel your joy even  more and so that also the people that you meet can feel it.”

You know, we are needed out there. And maybe tomorrow it will be something else… But every day we are called to be leading in our own lives and in the communities where we are, especially in these times. We really are called.

And I think it’s important to remember, because there is so much building up, so much information and fear and reactions and what to do and what not to do… And it becomes this experience of really a global disaster…

A sense of proportion…

And while it is important whatever each of us knows or feels is important to do this is not the end of the world. It is a wave moving through the world, and like every wave, it calls for something to come through, it calls for us to see something, it calls for our spiritual leadership, but it is not the end of the world. That is a good thing to remember, I think.

And of course yes, again, whatever is right for you to do in physical terms, for yourself, in terms of who you’re interacting with, by all means do it.

For some people it had meant going out and buying a lot of food so they have supplies for a few weeks. But again, the thing to remember is that food may sustain us for a few weeks, but our soul sustains us forever. This is one of the things to remember. Right now as there is so much pressure, so much tension, so much focus on physical survival, remember, we are sustained by our souls.

And yes, fear needs to be addressed, absolutely, this is our job, this is our job as Joy Keepers. And it is also our job to maintain the connection with the ultimate sustaining force, our soul, our joy, our love, our heart. It is important for ourselves, it is important for the people that are around us, it is important for the world. We are called now, to lead as Joy Keepers.

Keep that connection strong, and dare to support yourself and others with that. Dare to remember what sustains us, dare to remember what our purpose is, while we’re moving through this wave.

Much love to you all, much joy to you, and we will be in touch. 😊💗

Storm - spiritual leadership in times of crisis

Find peace, love and joy in the middle of any storm

Image by kienvirak from Pixabay

Corona virus fear – meeting it with awareness and even Joy

I have been traveling recently, but even without that the corona virus fear is everywhere in our collective mind and media. What does it mean? How do we approach it as Lightworkers and Joy Keepers?

An overview of the corona virus fear video

  • How I encountered corona virus fear in myself and in conversations with others
  • Understanding what is happening and how fear is more contagious than the virus
  • The gifts that this situation brings
    • How it shows us our connectivity – in positive ways too
    • The opportunity to encounter fears that have been there all the time and ask for our awareness anyway
    • The opportunity to examine our beliefs around illness, safety, life and death
  • How to meet the current situation as Joy Keepers and Lighworkers

A transcript of the corona virus fear video

I’m challenging myself here, and you perhaps with what I’m going to be talking about, namely the corona virus fear.

While traveling I had some experiences that we’re all having now and that haven’t been addressed much in the spiritual community. But I think we should address these, as this is an important part of our lives right now.

My first personal meeting corona virus fear was when I traveled to California in February and especially in the Los Angeles airport where everyone on duty had masks on, as did most of the Chinese passengers at the airport. This was just before the virus started spreading to other countries.

I had this experience of being in the very long line (when you enter the United States as a foreigner there is quite a lot of control there, to say the least). So here I was in this crowded line, and just behind me there was a group of young Chinese women and they all had this mask on. And I noticed myself keeping an extra distance to them… And then I realized, this must be a subconscious fear of getting the virus. And then I thought: “How is it to be Chinese these days?”…

Past all the controls I then spent a week on an amazing spiritual vacation which is a different story…  but then as I came home I talked with a friend and she told me that her husband who is elderly and ill was terribly scared right now and he wanted to know what he could do to avoid the virus. Maybe he should hide in their cottage in Sweden, far away from everything?

And then I was talking with another friend and we wanted to meet in Copenhagen  for  chat and coffee and she said “Shall we meet in a cafe or shall we meet somewhere corona free?”.

So the experience that there is this virus is really becoming part of our daily life, not to mention the news. It’s there in all kinds of ways. And I feel that it’s really important for us to relate to it, to talk about it openly and to see what this brings.

I honestly believe that whatever happens in life there might be all kinds of explanations of why it happens but the fact remains there is a gift in everything and there is also a gift in this situation.

The gift here is the gift of awareness.

While we can see this virus spread more and more on all continents, we can begin to notice what is shows us. And one thing that it does show us is actually that we are so very connected! It took so little time and now there are cases everywhere. I know that this feels like a scary thing in itself, but the other side of it is that we are connected for everything! We are also connected for collaboration; we are also connected for joy. So let’s keep this in mind.

The other thing that this virus shows us and is bringing forward in our awareness is all kinds of fears. Right now fear is spreading much, much faster than the virus!

I don’t have any opinion about the virus itself. I don’t have any opinion on why it’s happening in physical and non- physical terms, and what to do about it. I believe it’s a question of personal beliefs.

But I do have an opinion or a contribution if you will, I do have something I want to share with you with regards to how we meet what the virus brings. Which for most of us is not the illness  but the fear.

And that is a gift because the fear was there before the virus, the fear is something that we live with! So the opportunity we have is to say: “Hey there is my fear, welcome my friend, let me meet you and SEE you, let me address you, let me embrace you and let me help you in being transformed, perhaps into something more in alignment with who I  am.”

And of course, the biggest fear that we meet is the fear of death. So this is an opportunity: rather than saying to ourselves “How can I avoid it”, we can meet and SEE the fear of death.

For some it requires a counselor, for some it requires a spiritual coach, for some it requires deep meditation, for some it requires deep journaling. But regardless of our individual ways of doing it, let us meet it!

Death is inevitable as we know and it is part of life, and it is not a bad part of life, it is part of the cycle. So let’s meet it with awareness, for ourselves and for others. That’s the first gift.

And the next gift is to find out: what do I really believe?

Because there is also the fear of something coming from outside and changing my life, there is the idea that I am or I can be a helpless victim of some sort of illness.

So there is the invitation to explore: What do I really believe? What is really true for me? Is illness something that happens accidentally? Am I a victim of circumstances? And if it happens, am I then a victim? Or is there a challenge and a gift? Does life happen for me or to me?

There’s a lot of questions that can be raised through the experience of a virus that spreads.

And because we are a s spiritual community and because we are here to bring more awareness, to bring more awakening, to wake up to our oneness and to our true reality, this is an opportunity to work with these challenges, and not just do the physical thing like getting a mask, or avoiding the cafe, or hide somewhere where you hope this will not touch you, or avoid people so they won’t touch you, literally.

I hope this makes sense. I know it is challenging, because that kind of fear, the physical fear , the fear of what can happen with my body, is so deep, it is also a question of what is my safety in the world? Is it my body? Is it my health? Is it something else?

And these are good questions, these are good invitations. So let’s be courageous, let’s take them in, let’s look at them.

The Joy perspective

And then, because I’m of course here to speak about joy, there is also the joy perspective.

So first of all being a Joy Keeper is not about hiding any trouble, it’s not about avoiding any challenges and pretending they’re not here. It’s about aligning more and more with who we really are, with our joyful self, and from there embracing our fear, and from there embracing each others’ fears, and from there holding on to the joy no matter what happens.

Is it easy? Not always. It’s not for any of us, it’s not always easy, but it is an invitation, again, to, whatever happens in the world, rather than closing our eyes, rather than avoiding the fear, to meet it with awareness and then reconnect with our joy and then bring joy into the  situations.

Does it mean that there is joy because someone is ill? Of course not. Does it mean there is joy because someone is dying? – not in that way.

What joy really is, is the knowing that there is something infinitely bigger, something beyond life and death, that there is a meaning, that life works for us, that we are on our way, that we are meeting challenges and joy is still there, our ability to feel it is still there and will be always.

I hope we will have the courage to relate to this. Because as Marianne Williamson said, and she said it about politics but it is true in this case too: Whatever we avoid we have no influence on, but whatever we choose to relate to, and choose to meet as this spiritual tribe, whatever we choose to connect to and relate to, will be changing to the better, to use that word, it will be expanded into a higher level of consciousness, it will be enlightened more and more, and we will be enlightened more and more through it.

Final words on the corona virus fear

There is no mask that can filter fear. But there are solutions, and they are available to you here and now. Check out the Joy Keepers Resources here

When encountering the corona virus fear let’s reconnect with and uncover the wise smile of our eternal soul!

There is no mask for the corona virus fear - but there are solutions

Image by Sumanley xulx from Pixabay

What do you think – feel – do around all this?

Bringing Joy to money and politics?

Lynne Twist, co-founder of the PachaMama Alliance said something during the holidays that made a deep impression on me…

“The next decade is maybe the most important decade in the history of the world. 2020-2030 is where we absolutely got to turn around the global warming crisis, where we absolutely have to address the breakdown in governments and social justice. How are we going to end 2019 in a way that we move into 2020 with integrity and heart?”

Michael Beckwith, founder of Agape says: “We feel Joy when we are in integrity with our soul.”  I resonate completely with that experience, and I believe that at this time of our personal and global transformation, bringing soul Joy into ALL areas of our life is key.

And, it presents us with some unpleasant challenges…

Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love”and presidential candidate said recently something along these lines: We as light-workers, as people on a spiritual path, have already created great changes in the world. In fact, whatever area we as a group chose to engage in, is changing as a result!

Take health, take relationships, take business, take environment… Even if there’s way to go still, so much progress has happened, there is so much more awareness, including in the main stream culture.

What Marianne Williamson then said was that there are some areas of life that have been so corrupted, so permeated by greed, power-games and disconnection from God that our natural reaction as spiritual beings was to turn our back on it all, to avoid it completely. And as a result there are areas of life where, globally speaking, little change has happened.

To give you a couple of examples,  politics is one such area. We prefer to avoid watching news. Finances is another such area. We avoid engaging much with money. We don’t find much joy there and for good reasons! However…

There is now a need (and I see more and more spiritual leaders and teachers around the world express this)…There is a need for us to engage in all of it. In other words, the time has come to bring light, love and joy to all of it, not just some of it.

Of course, we will all do it differently, it’s a personal choice.

Personally, I can’t really see myself engage in politics. But maybe it will change at some point? Perhaps there comes a time where the Joy Keepers Network begins to interact with politicians? Who knows… But when it comes to creating a joyful relationship with money, that’s something that I actually have been interested in for a long time and feel called to.

How do you feel about all this?

7 Days of Joy ~ the 2020 Joy Upgrade

I believe it’s time for a Joy Upgrade! Here’s why…

And here’s how!

Thank you for watching and please, share the joy by inviting your friends and followers to JoyKeepers.org/7days ! 🙏😊💗

Let’s build a beautiful Joy field together!

Please know, whether you come because you miss joy in your life or have much joy to share or anything in between… You and everyone is welcome and joyfully appreciated!

Also, even if it’s 7 days it’s not all day 😀 – it’s just 30 sweet minutes. It’s absolutely best if you participate life but if for some reason you’re not able, there will be a replay.

Be sure to register, so that we can send you:

  • The details on how to participate
  • The replays
  • Resources for deepening the experience of Joy in your life


How do we create new ways for joy?

I had a couple of beautiful experiences this week that reminded me of something very important, when it comes to spreading the awareness of joy in the world.

The first one happened in a dream! I dreamed about a doctor who taught yoga to Palestinian women here in Denmark. She and they were so full of joy! And it made me ponder:

How do we share the joy and the wisdom that our world needs beyond our own circles?

How do we reach those who perhaps wouldn’t respond to our inspirational words but are in need of the message behind the words?

These are important questions and a huge part of the Joy Keepers Network vision. If you have any answers, experiences, ideas please share them in a comment below!

It can be really simple sometimes, like the other day, on a bus. I was reading a (serious) book, and really not paying attention to my surroundings… Until someone accidentally pushed me from behind. My gut reaction: mild irritation. But then…

The person behind me came in front of me, and he had the sweetest and biggest smile ever as he apologizes (without being apologetic). Within a blink of an eye his smile resonated in me and I was finding myself so full of joy! And secretly laughing at myself having been in such a head space while reading…

It was as if the entire bus lightened up! And then this middle aged man (who based on his looks might be classified as mentally slow) hopped off the bus, still smiling and happily waving to the driver (us mentally fast people rarely do that…).

The world is full of natural Joy Keepers! And when we forget to be one, no worries, someone else will be there to remind us!

Meanwhile, the Joy Keepers Network is here to welcome, remind you and show you ever new and more expansive ways of experiencing and sharing your true joy!

Legacy – the secret to joyful work?

Legacy seems like such a heavy concept. And yet, it could be one of the keys to truly working with joy:

Here’s how you can apply this as a way of aligning your work, time and energy with your dharma. And then feel the joy of it!

Contemplate your legacy

This first part is a contemplation. Even if it took just a moment for me, it might take much longer for you, because you’re in a different process or have different needs and ways. So, take whatever time it you need and

Acknowledge that you matter. Acknowledge that your gifts to the world matter. Acknowledge that you don’t have forever to give them. And then ask yourself:

What is my legacy? What am I to leave behind when my work is done?

Align your priorities around your legacy work

Even if you have several projects, in the light of legacy most if not all of them may connect to it. Create your priorities around it, giving most time, focus and energy to your legacy project and aligning and prioritizing other projects/activities around it.

Do your work with joy!

It will probably come naturally, but still: remember that the key to joyful work is in being fully present in the moment. It is about being while doing.

Share your experiences and questions here or in the Joy Keepers Group!

And of course, if you haven’t yet, be part of the joyful work and join the Joy Keepers Network here

Legacy joy

Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay

I believe in a world of joy

I was recently participating in a gathering where we were invited to express what we believe in, in just a few words. I was curious about what would happen if I  said “I believe” and then just let the words flow freely and so I did. Although I cannot recreate that moment now, I know I said something along these lines…

I believe we are born into a field of love and joy. And I know that this love and joy is still within us.

I know that as we open to joy and allow it to flow in our  bodies, in our feelings, in our thoughts and in our hearts, we begin to shine. And as we shine we lit up other people as well, and they too begin to shine their joy.

And this is what’s going to happen! We are going to reconnect with joy as our true nature, and we’re going to reach each other this way. We’re going to see a new balance in the world.

I believe that. And I also know that joy is not in the future. It is right here and right now, ready to join us in a smile!

What do you believe?

– – –

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay



From pain to joy – two Joy Keepers meet

I met Deb Svanefelt a little while ago. What I knew about her was that for many years she has been helping people with some of the most difficult cases of trauma and stress. Not what you’d call a joyful profession… And yet she is most definitely a Joy Keeper. How come? Watch below!

Here are some of the questions we pondered:

  • What is the difference between joy and happiness and why does it matter?
  • How come children are so joyful – and adults not so much?
  • What are the 3 main paths to joy?
  • Why do we need to meet our pain and shadows before we can live our joy?
  • What is a natural Joy Keeper?
  • What is the relationship between Love and Joy?
  • How can being an ambassador of Joy help our world?

And finally a question for you:
What in this conversation touched your heart the most?

Here are the resources mentioned in the interview:

Download the Finding Joy Every Day ebook here

Join the Joy Keepers Network here