We are born with joy within us already

Conversation with Halina Goldstein, Awakening To Joyful Living

Halina Goldstein is an experienced spiritual mentor. She supports coaches, teachers and artists around the world in creating their life’s great work and in Awakening To Joyful Living. She has been exploring and working with joy for decades, and has also founded the Joy Keepers Network

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Joy Keepers Network vision – for now

This is such an exciting time here at the Joy Keepers Network. We are moving from it being created and led by one person (Halina), to it being developed and led by our Leadership Team.

To create a place for us to start the joint joy journey here’s a short description of where we are today and what we will build on:

The name

The name/concept of Joy Keepers is inspired by Eckhart Tolle’s Frequency Keepers/Holders (without there being any other association to his work or organization by the way). This is how it’s paraphrased on our home page:

“Joy Keepers purpose is to let Joy flow into whatever they do. Whatever you do, whatever you’re working with, whether it’s manual work or talking to people or buying or selling, every little thing encompasses the power and simplicity of presence and Joy. Joy Keepers’ state of consciousness spreads not only to everybody they come into contact with, but also on an unseen level it changes the collective consciousness.” 

Elements of the vision and work

  • To connect Joy Keepers all over the world
  • To support members in connecting with the inner source of joy so that they can access it regardless of external circumstances
  • To support members in bringing the energy of joy into every area of their lives: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, work, relationships, money, local and online activities etc.
  • To develop and support joyful leadership in the world
    • Help members become joy leaders, i.e. step into the role of a joy centered leader in their own work / activities
    • To collaborate with other organizations engaged in global transformation and inspire them to bring joy into their work. 

Our highest priorities at the moment

  • To grow so that we can reach and support more people
  • To provide educational resources helping members
    • Connect with joy
    • Bring joy into every area of their life
    • Grow as joy leaders 

Our expression 

  • We aim for  freedom and diversity in our expression and interaction
  • We make Joy Keepers Network a place where people can see themselves belonging and growing, starting where they are

Our channels of communication


Is joy a privilege?

It may be fiction, but watching “Capernaum” gets to me as if it was a direct broadcast from the Middle Eastern war zone. The snipers and the shooting, the violence in the streets and in homes, the children being a target and trying to survive on their own.

I sit in in my big, comfy, red cinema seat, frozen by the reality of the film as much as by the way it exposes my exceptionally privileged life here in Denmark. The peace, the way life is safe and secure here, the material luxury on top of everything else I have.

As the film ends and credits roll, and while the few people in the cinema begin to leave, I remain seated, paralyzed by the heavy questioning within.

Having seen that other world, only 4 hours flight from here, how can I ever continue living as if nothing happened?

In the darkness of what I just experienced on screen I feel useless and selfish beyond description. In the face of all the pain I just witnessed, my life and my world feel arrogant. And I don’t know what to do with that. So, I ask for help and guidance from within. It comes in the form of another question:

How would the world look like if everyone had access to joy?

Of course, the question refers to my work with the Joy Keepers Network and Awakening To Joyful Living . Which, right now, facing an ocean of poverty and brutality, feel insignificant and  irrelevant. But still, this is the question given to me. And so, I surrender to contemplating it. And as I do, I am reminded of that which I teach yet have lost sight of under the heavy shadow of the reality I just saw.

I had forgotten that joy is not a privileged state. It lives within every human being and can be found again.

I had forgotten that joy has the power to set us free.

How would the world look like if everyone had access joy?

I can see it now. It would not be a world of suffering and injustice. It would be a world of connection, collaboration, love.

So maybe, just maybe, in bringing the awareness of joy to the world, I am not completely wasting the life that was given to me? I cautiously open to the possibility, with a new question:

What can I do to help? In actuality, not just as a nice philosophy?

I do not help by taking more suffering upon myself, I know so much. Also, I do not help by turning my back on suffering either. I’m asking myself again:

How can joy help, concretely?

I have seen situations where joy helped.  I have seen joy relieve pain, physical, emotional and mental. I have even seen joy prevent suicide. And I know that the experience of joy isn’t limited to a special, privileged group of people.

If we dedicate ourselves to bringing the awareness, the tools and the support to the world, eventually joy will resonate around the globe. And as it does, there will be a growing realization of our connection and of Oneness. And with that an expansion of our capabilities to show concern and to help. Because people who believe in Oneness have compassion for those outside of their immediate circle.

Yes, there are ways for me and you to contribute. And no, it’s not all on my shoulders, or yours. And yes, every life matters.

It matters in the world that we live in and it matters because, in truth, as we change our world changes. And as it spreads, joy can reach the entire world, not just the privileged one percent.

This is a big vision, I know. But it’s real enough for me to leave the movie theater, to go back to the privileged life of mine and to use it for something good.

If you haven’t yet please join us in the Joy Keepers Network here.

Thank you!

Learn more about “Capernaum” here. It’s also available on Amazon.