Spiritual leadership and Joy during the corona crisis

As the Corona crisis escalates daily, we are called to step into spiritual leadership and Joy. Here’s how…

An overview of the spiritual leadership video

  • While things are accelerating in the world, there is an opportunity to observe and learn… How do you react? How do people around you react?
  • Fear in itself is not dangerous. Rather, it is an invitation
  • The SEE approach is a simple and powerful way to address fear (and just about anything else that seems to cause discomfort).  Learn how to apply the SEE approach here (free March 13-20, 2020)
  • How can we act and not just react?
  • This is not the end of the Earth, this is a wave and it will pass
  • Keep the focus: what does really sustain you?
  • Why we are called to step into spiritual leadership, and to stay in Joy

Transcript of the video

What a special time this is, the time of the corona virus. Things are accelerating and every day brings new news and perhaps new approaches, for all of us. And I see how we are called to step into spiritual leadership during these times. Leaders for ourselves, and leaders for others. Because we can, because we have the potential and because our presence really matters, your presence really matters.

So how do we do that, how do we act and react?

This is something that I always found interesting, since I was a little girl. I was born into a family of holocaust survivals so I knew about it since very young age. And from there and all my life I was always wondering – how would I react in this situation? And when other things happen – because things do happens in our world – how do I react, what do I do, how do others react?

I see myself observing this current situation in a similar way. I see myself noticing how I react, how others react, what do we do , what we don’t do…

And every day is really different. So for example yesterday it was stormy outside, almost symbolically, a really harsh wind, and the experience I was having with the wind and also with the news I was seeing, the more it accelerated, the more peaceful I became. More and more peace, more and more peaceful joyfulness, in a beautiful grounded way. And I didn’t try to make it happen, it just did, it happened for me, and I was glad it id.

What that day inspired is here…

“It’s stormy weather today. Even with my windows closed, I can hear the wild intensity of the wind. So what do I do? I stay home.
Or, if I’ll have to go out, I hope I will do what trees do:
Bow with the blow, yet stand firmly grounded. Connected with joy, grounded in the love and the truth that lives within me and as me.
And if I meet someone that needs my help I hope I will be of help.
And if I fall or break (like trees do on rare occasions) then I will let it happen (what else is there to do) and see what gifts life brings with that. Because, it always does.
And if I need help there will be help for me too. There always is.
Meanwhile, the storm unfolds outside my windows. And then it pauses. And then it rests. And then…”

And then…

And then I went to bed and this morning just as I woke up there was wave of fear. It wasn’t much, it was just a touch of it, but it was there and it was Okay. Fear isn’t dangerous. So I treated it as a friend as I always do, or intend to, and applied something that ‘s called the SEE approach which is a very powerful tool that I usually only give to my clients and groups… but this week I’m giving it for free because it’s so simple and powerful and such a good way to meet fear and whatever else is coming our way.

So, I did that, it took maybe half a minute and then I continued with my morning practices and I though this will be another day where I will fall into this peaceful joyfulness… But no, today I was pushed to walk, to go out and walk and almost run and really use my body, and the message was: “You have to circulate, you have to circulate your energy so that you can feel your joy even  more and so that also the people that you meet can feel it.”

You know, we are needed out there. And maybe tomorrow it will be something else… But every day we are called to be leading in our own lives and in the communities where we are, especially in these times. We really are called.

And I think it’s important to remember, because there is so much building up, so much information and fear and reactions and what to do and what not to do… And it becomes this experience of really a global disaster…

A sense of proportion…

And while it is important whatever each of us knows or feels is important to do this is not the end of the world. It is a wave moving through the world, and like every wave, it calls for something to come through, it calls for us to see something, it calls for our spiritual leadership, but it is not the end of the world. That is a good thing to remember, I think.

And of course yes, again, whatever is right for you to do in physical terms, for yourself, in terms of who you’re interacting with, by all means do it.

For some people it had meant going out and buying a lot of food so they have supplies for a few weeks. But again, the thing to remember is that food may sustain us for a few weeks, but our soul sustains us forever. This is one of the things to remember. Right now as there is so much pressure, so much tension, so much focus on physical survival, remember, we are sustained by our souls.

And yes, fear needs to be addressed, absolutely, this is our job, this is our job as Joy Keepers. And it is also our job to maintain the connection with the ultimate sustaining force, our soul, our joy, our love, our heart. It is important for ourselves, it is important for the people that are around us, it is important for the world. We are called now, to lead as Joy Keepers.

Keep that connection strong, and dare to support yourself and others with that. Dare to remember what sustains us, dare to remember what our purpose is, while we’re moving through this wave.

Much love to you all, much joy to you, and we will be in touch. 😊💗

Storm - spiritual leadership in times of crisis

Find peace, love and joy in the middle of any storm

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