How do we create new ways for joy?

I had a couple of beautiful experiences this week that reminded me of something very important, when it comes to spreading the awareness of joy in the world.

The first one happened in a dream! I dreamed about a doctor who taught yoga to Palestinian women here in Denmark. She and they were so full of joy! And it made me ponder:

How do we share the joy and the wisdom that our world needs beyond our own circles?

How do we reach those who perhaps wouldn’t respond to our inspirational words but are in need of the message behind the words?

These are important questions and a huge part of the Joy Keepers Network vision. If you have any answers, experiences, ideas please share them in a comment below!

It can be really simple sometimes, like the other day, on a bus. I was reading a (serious) book, and really not paying attention to my surroundings… Until someone accidentally pushed me from behind. My gut reaction: mild irritation. But then…

The person behind me came in front of me, and he had the sweetest and biggest smile ever as he apologizes (without being apologetic). Within a blink of an eye his smile resonated in me and I was finding myself so full of joy! And secretly laughing at myself having been in such a head space while reading…

It was as if the entire bus lightened up! And then this middle aged man (who based on his looks might be classified as mentally slow) hopped off the bus, still smiling and happily waving to the driver (us mentally fast people rarely do that…).

The world is full of natural Joy Keepers! And when we forget to be one, no worries, someone else will be there to remind us!

Meanwhile, the Joy Keepers Network is here to welcome, remind you and show you ever new and more expansive ways of experiencing and sharing your true joy!

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